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21 Self-Care Gifts For yourself or for someone you know

21 Self-Care Gifts For yourself or for someone who needs to start treating themselves

Christmas is a time of giving so why not use this as an opportunity to give something that will help your friend or family member to take care of themselves better? Or you could buy it for yourself?

I have gathered 21 gifts that you could buy. Best off all, they are all under £25.00.

Bath Bombs

There are a wide range of bath bombs available at Lush Fresh Handmade Products. You would be spoilt for choice. They treat the skin to an abundance of rich butters and oils. They also smell great too and colourful.

Beauty kits

The Bodyshop has wide selection of gifts for him and for her which are cruelty free and vegan. Here is a set of liquid lipsticks that come in a range of colours and finishes that most of us will be pleased with.

Charlotte Tilbury also has a Mini Hollywood Lips Duo Limited Edition Gift Set worth around £20.00

Boxing kit

You can take out all your frustrations out on this mini boxing kit that comes complete with punch bag and boxing gloves.


I find candles so relaxing. Yankee Candles does this Wax Melt Warmer Gift Set which includes four of their seasonal fragrancies. If you don’t want to use the melts you can mix essential oils with water.


Yummy is the only word I have to describe chocolate from Hotel Chocolat. This box of Classic Christmas Chocolate Sleekster contains 30 Christmas chocolates: festive truffles, tipples, caramels, pralines and more.


There is so much Coffee on the market these days. So hard at times knowing which one to choose. I personally prefer the lesser known brands from independent shops rather than the high street chains. If you want to have coffee as a present, many independent shops sell coffee as part of a gift pack including a caffeteire and/ or a mug. Coffee is actually good for you  it is just when we decide to load it with a ton of sugars, syrups etc.

Adult Colouring book

Found some fantastic adult colouring books on Amazon. I have some here:

Prudes avert your eyes as this one Is An Adult Coloring Book with 40 Swear Words to Color and Relax

Here is another great one without the swear words!

Epson or Himalayan salt

Both of these salts are good for you physically as well as emotionally and there is so much you can do with them. Again, you can have it as a gift set and pack it with body creams, bubble baths etc and present it in a nice box. Or they are great just on its own. If you want to make it a bit fancier you could add some essential oils such as lavender, sweet orange or bergamot. So many great ones to choose from.

Essential oils

Really can’t see the benefit of just getting one essential oil as a gift but each to their own. However, you could get a selection which is a great idea.

Essential oil blend

You can also make up your own blend of essential oils and pour it in a nice bottle. Here is one you can try: 30ml carrier oil such as sweet almond, 7 drops Roman Chamomile, 5 drops Lavender. Mix the essential oils and carrier oil well and add to a clean, air-tight dark glass bottle. This essential oil blend can be applied as a body oil or used as a massage oil.

Essential oil diffuser

Using an essential oil diffuse promotes better sleep, prevents colds and flu, it is also relaxing etc. Use one of your favourite essential oils with water or you can buy the fragrance blends readymade.

Funny film

I love my comedy movies. At this time of the year my favourite movie is Elf. What other films do you like? Comment down below.

Fuzzy robe

There is nothing better than a warm, soft, thick dressing gown to snuggle into at the end of the day. It is so comforting. You can spend a lot of money on their but there are some bargains around under £25

Good novel

If you are anything like me and you love books choosing books for a friend will be torture as it would be difficult to decide which one to get. An easy way around this would be to get vouchers or just ask them what they like!


Journal is highly beneficial for your mental health and there are some beautiful journals that you can buy these days for well under £25.00. If you are feeling really generous you can always add a nice pen.

Massage tool

For example this Trigger Point Performance Deep Tissue Massage Ball from Amazon. Helps to release knots and kinks. It is also great as a quick pre-workout warm up or anytime you need deep relief.

Meditation cds

I highly recommend these from the Reach Approach. They have a selection of meditation cds


Motivational Mug

You can customise your own mug with using a printing company such as Vista Print our Boots photo with a quotation that you like. Or you can buy one ready made from somewhere like Etsy


Like mugs you can print your own t-shirt and personalise it as a fabulous gift.


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