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Overcoming Stress

Stress in itself is not bad for us, it is just the body’s natural way of responding to demands or pressures. The body just needs to shut down and stimulate certain areas so that it could focus its attention on what’s happening. Thousands of years ago when we were running away from dangerous animals we were stressed in that moment, the last thing we needed was to use the toilet, that’s why when we are stressed our digestive system is affected.

The problem with stress now adays is that many of find ourselves constantly stressed. This prolonged stress can affect our physical and mental health.


What causes stress?

There is so much stimuli in society now adays to cause stress i.e. a stressful job, getting stuck in traffic, what is on the news etc. Also, everyone responds to stress different as it depends on your personality, social circumstances, age, support network, cultural background etc.


Causes of stress can include:

Personal or family illness

Interpersonal relationship problems

Conflict e.g. being bullied or harassed

Death of a friend or relative

A very stressful job or pressures

A traumatic event or events

Financial difficulties and debt

Not sure what direction in life you want to go

Not happy with the direction in life you are in

Redundancy, job loss threats, insecurity

Pressures from competing demands or a combination of the above

Lack of social support


Major signs of stress


Lack of motivation

Sleeplessness or over sleeping

Getting sleep but still feeling tired



Difficult to concentrate

Feeling anxious or overwhelmed

Needing alcohol or other illicit substances to cope

Increase eating, drinking or nervous habits

Not coping with demands or responsibilities


Simple things that could help to manage stress levels


Find someone to talk to, this will help you to let go of any negative feelings

Arrange an appointment to see your GP and ask for an overall physical health check

Exercise is great for stress. First it would help you sleep and also release hormones that give you positive feelings

Limit your nicotine, caffeine and alcohol intake because they can increase your anxiousness and sleeplessness

Take time out. Relaxing and doing activities you love can recharge your mind and body

Thinking positive thoughts is also important


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