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Nine reasons the spring benefits your mental health

Spring took a while getting here this year. Those long winter months seemed to drag on where there were endless cold days and nights. I don’t know about you but for me, I love the spring as you see nature just wake up and come back to life.

With the Spring, this season of the year comes with opportunities for us to revitalise our health and well-being. There are a number of things we can start to do, also that we can begin to experience that will help us to feel better.

Use your evenings

  1. Start to use your evenings more. Gone is the excuse not to go to the gym or join an evening class because of the dark nights. During the spring when it starts to get dark later, it gives you more opportunities to try different things. You will also feel a lot safer at night with the evenings lighter.

Spring Clean your home

  1. Giving your home a spring clean sounds like a something stuck in the dark ages but doing that has its health benefits to. To rid your home, car, playroom, office of any bacteria, mould, grime and dust will keep you free from any seasonal colds so you can cope better if you have hay fever. Another advantage is all the calories you will burn deep cleaning, washing windows etc. You can burn around 150 calories for ½ hour vigorous work.

Get rid of clutter

  1. AT this time of the year, outdoor carboot sales start again. When you have finished spring cleaning. You could revitalise your home with some bargains bought at the Carboot sale. If you want to take things further, you could also sell some of the clutter you have accumulated over the winter. If you can’t be bothered with car boots you could try other ways of selling such as Shpock, Ebay, Gumtree etc. Or you could just donate them to your local charity shop

Spend time in nature

  1. Warmer temperatures during the day means more time outside. More time outside means better physical and mental health. As the days get warmer, you will be more happier to get outside. There is research that has found that spending time in nature will improve your health by reducing your stress levels, lowering blood pressure, it can even fight cancer.

Goodbye SAD

  1. Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a type of depression that people, on the main, experience during the long winter months. It is classed as mental health problem. Most of us are affected by the changing seasons. Now spring is here, some individuals with sad may start to feel ‘normal’ to feel more cheerful and energised when the sun starts to shine and the bright days are longer.

Outdoor activities

  1. With the hopefully dryer, brighter days, you can start to engage in outdoor activities. During the with the winter months, it can be difficult when it is sub-zero temperatures. Now that it is getting warmer, there is no excuse to go cycling or going for a nice walk. In some major cities there are cycling clubs you can join, you could even take lessons for free if you are not that confident. There are also a ton of walking groups around.

Spend time with your friends

  1. Contact some of those friends that you have been meaning to contact but have put it off due to the cold weather. Now the evenings are brighter and warmer, you can be a bit more sociable.

Fruit and veg are at their best

  1. Spring is a time when locally produced fruit and vegetables become more available when you don’t need to rely on imported good. You can start to find many of your favourites at the your local farm shop or weekly farmers market.

Start to benefit from Vitamin D

  1. Finally, we can start to get some vitamin D. Vitamin is generally difficult to come by due to the lack of sunlight and this can put your bones at risk. Vitamin D is also important for your mental health as it is a vital vitamin that helps manage depression.

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