Fresh Springs Therapy Services

Individual Therapy / Counselling: how I work

When you come to therapy with me, you will find that I am:

  • Down to earth and friendly, as I feel it is important for you to feel relaxed and safe when you are with me
  • Insightful – being able to show a clear understanding of how you are feeling, also your issues
  • Accepting regardless of your background i.e. race, addiction, criminal record, sexuality, religion, beliefs etc – You will not see me reacting to the things you say in a disapproving manor that will make you feel uncomfortable. 
  • I am a great listener 
  • Keen to understand things from your perspective
  • Supportive and understanding of your feelings 

I also think it is really important that you to eventually feel comfortable with me as you get to know me and me you.

During Sessions

In addition helping you to deal with emotional issues that you are going through your life right now, I think it is also important to work out with you why you are feeling that way. 

This involved finding out about your childhood. Very often the way we feel, our behaviours, attitudes and beliefs come from our childhood. During our childhood we are influenced by the people who take care of us and our experiences here makes us who we are. 

Once you know and understand these behaviours, beliefs and attitudes, you can change them and not let it affect your life any more. You can finally put the past behind you.

In addition to that we will look at your lifestyle on how it could be contributing to how you are feeling. Things like your health, your thoughts, people in your life affect you. 

Some work will be expected inbetween sessions where I will provide handouts for you to read and work through some of this at your own pace. I also provide self care, relaxation and coping tips.

The therapy I do is long term, but how long it takes depends on how much work you do inbetween sessions.

I also work short term but it will be a condensed version of the above.

I hope you find this useful. If you have any questions, or you wish to take up my offer of my 15 minute free conversation before starting therapy, please don’t hesitate to contact me.