More about how I work

The basis of all therapy is the counselling relationship. To build that counselling relationship, I believe there needs to be:

  • accepting of you as a person
  • a place where you won’t feel condemned, belittled
  • empathy where I share and understand your feelings


I provide this as it is important that you to eventually feel comfortable with me as you get to know me and me you.

As said in my about me page, I am an Associate of the Reach Approach and an Integrative Holistic Therapist. If you want to know what Integrative Holistic means read this page but feel free if you still not sure and want to ask more questions. Please take a look around the Reach Approach website. There is a ton of amazing information there.

By Integrative, my work with you is based on many Therapeutic Approaches (i.e. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Psychodynamic, Person Centered), philosophies even modern science. We believe that one therapeutic approach, or philosophy etc can’t provide all the answers for us.

By Holistic, during your therapy sessions with me and information I provide through social media, as a Integrative Holistic therapist, I pay attention to what is happening with your Mind, Health (your body), How you are feeling (your spirit) and your environment. This is important because no matter how we try to progress in our lives, if we ignore those important factors, they would undermine our progress. In other words.

I believe that we miss a lot that is affecting us when we separate what is happening in our mind, and body. They are linked and what affects one affects the other. So when looking at your concerns I focus on those factors that help to restore balance and stability to you, such as your: diet and nutrition, working with your belief systems, as well as a variety of environmental and lifestyle factors.

I also look at the cause and not just the symptoms. Whether you are suffering from depression, loss of meaning and direction in your life, anxiety, anger, worry, low self-esteem, low confidence, relationship issues, eating disorder, an addiction, … I can help.

The way I work is also ‘person specific’. What this means is that even though I have a very clear way of working, I always adapt it to your journey. The way I work is not fixed but flexible and fluid.

I’ve had therapy myself and understand the doubts and anxieties about having counselling but I can assure you, it is a step that is worth taking. I can also assure you that your life would be for the better.