Fresh Springs Therapy Services

My Fees

I charge a flat fee of £45 for one full hour for 1:1 therapy. For Relationship / Group therapy my fees start from £60 per hour. 

Special Offer

Pay for ten sessions in advance for 5% discount.

Payment Method

My preferred method is cash payments. I do accept bank transfers to my account. This can be done online or by telephoning your bank. You will need to enter my sort code and account number which I will provide. Payments can also be made by credit or debit card (at my payment page through PayPal, you do not need a PayPal account). I can also discuss this with you when you contact me.

Cancellations – A Conscience Driven Approach

I believe in working in a conscience driven way. This means that for the quality of service I provide, I won’t charge you excessively. All we ask in return is that if you are unable to attend your session you afford me the respect of giving me at least 24 hours’ notice. I understand that at times this is not possible.

To add to this, due to my significant overheads, also that I have chosen not to see a lot of clients in a week so you could have my full attention, I generate only a small profit, sufficient to meet my needs and keep the practice running. This is fine by me because I have chosen this path and so have no regrets about working in this way. However, if a session is missed and not paid for I still incur all the above costs. So I think you would agree it is not fair for us to bear the cost for missed sessions when insufficient notice has been given. Under these circumstances, I consider it reasonable to ask you to pay 50% of the agreed rate for that session. This enables me to continue offering a service where conscience and integrity transcend monetary concern. The ‘missed payment fee’ means any losses I incur are kept to a minimum and our mission to reach those most in need can continue.

I do hope you are happy to proceed on this basis and I thank you for your understanding and co-operation. Should you wish to discuss this further then please contact me.

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