Nine reasons the Spring benefits your Mental Health

Do you, as a small business, have problems with your staff taking time off work with Stress, Anxiety and Depression?

Maybe they have been through a bereavement, a difficult break up, financial loss and it is affecting their work etc.

I understand that there can be times when your employees or your managers need extra support. When it comes to balance the pressures of work and home, it can be stressful. I

Many companies enlist the services Employee Assistance Programmes such as BUPA, AXA but they can charge anything up to £75 per hour.

Why provide counselling for your staff?

  • According to Health and Safety Executive Management Standards, UK Law requires that employers have a ‘duty of care’ to protect the health, safety and welfare of all employees while at work. Those hazards include work related stress.
  • Can give your employees a way to cope with personal issues that can have a negative impact on their job
  • You can offer your employees up to 8 counselling sessions per annum which would be free to them and a tax-deductible expense for you.
  • it can reduce absenteeism, turnover, grievances, medical disability and workman’s compensation claims, etc.
  • You will have a happier, more productive workplace

At Fresh Springs, we have available an Employee Assistant Programme, especially for small businesses. The benefits are:

  • The therapy is carried out in rooms which are safe and confidential
  • I have professional indemnity insurance
  • I am an associate of the Reach Approach and I belong to a network of counsellors, therapist, nutritionist, hypnotherapists etc that are based throughout Birmingham and the UK.
  • I engage in continuous personal development to keep abreast of latest developments in the Health and Well-being field.
  • I am registered with British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy who provides guidelines on how we Counsel safely
  • I have run my own business as a counsellor and previous businesses. I also have a degree in Business Studies, so I understand the needs of a small business
  • I can support your employee with a wide variety of issues including addictions providing relapse prevention support
  • I don’t have a long waiting list that you often find with the NHS or Counselling Charities.
  • I can invoice you monthly or for the total of the sessions

The therapy offered is short term and costs just £40 per session for a single individual and £60 for couples.  5% discount available for block bookings of 6, 7 or 8 sessions paid in advance. All my sessions are for one full hour.

All this is tax deductible, so it won’t cost you a penny. It includes support for:


Problems at work

The emotional effects of Debt problems

Couples Counselling

Alcohol, gambling and drug dependency

Career concerns



Sexual Abuse

Harassment and Bullying

Personal Relationship Difficulties.

A contract is not required to arrange our counselling services, I simply ask you to complete my contact form.

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