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Avoid Control & Escape

Hi everyone, I would like to introduce an acronym that I often use with clients recovering from drug and alcohol issues. To help, just a quick strategy, whilst you are working through the deeper underlying issues. As I said, its just a quick method, to help managing cravings so you …

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The Feeling Wheel

Feeling Wheel I thought I’d do an article on the feeling wheel I very often use this with clients when helping them to explore how they are really feeling. The feeling wheel is often used with the Emotional Freedom Technique but in this case, I like to use it, as …

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Watching the news

  Watching news – is it bad for you? Hello everyone Hope you’re doing ok Today I would like to talk about, watching the news. Very often when I talk to clients who are experiencing anxiety and depression, they tend to watch a lot of the news. Today I would …

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